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Baby Blessingway

A Sacred Celebration of New Life

At Jazmine Magick, we believe that the arrival of a new soul is a moment of profound beauty and magic. That's why we're excited to offer our special Baby Blessingway gatherings, designed to honour the sacred journey of pregnancy and birth.

Our Baby Blessingways are intimate, guided ceremonies that bring together the expecting mother and her closest loved ones. In a safe and nurturing space, we create a circle of love and support through heartfelt rituals & shared blessings

Our blessingway offering includes:

Pre-Ceremony Consultation - Meet with the expecting mother to discuss her preferences, needs, and any specific rituals or elements she would like to include

Space preparation - Set up an altar with candles, crystals, flowers, and any other meaningful items


Holding the circle and facilitating the day - Lead a grounding meditation or relaxation exercise to help everyone become present and centred, explain the purpose and flow of the Baby Blessingway, setting intentions for the gathering

Creating the birthing bracelet & other additional rituals - Guide the group in stringing the beads together to create a beautiful, unique birthing bracelet

A special discount on Jazmine Magick Jewellery pieces - Handcrafted with intention and infused with magic to support your pregnancy & motherhood journey.

Our Baby Blessingways are a beautiful way to honour the sacred femininity of motherhood and create a loving container for the transformative journey of pregnancy and birth. Whether you're an expecting mother yourself or know someone who is, this gathering is a wonderful opportunity to come together in celebration and support.

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