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Moons & Moods: Thursday’s Green Thumb Nurture Spell

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

Welcome to our first Moons & Moods ritual - Thursday’s Green Thumb Nurture Spell.

Are you ready to nurture your magic and grow your aspirations?

☾The Waxing Gibbous moon is a time of increased excitement and energy, a time to nurture hopes and dreams until they become visible in the full moon.

♃This ritual is best performed on a Thursday as it is a day of spirituality, a day to turn to the higher powers of the Universe. Thursday is also connected to lucky Jupiter, which signifies fortune and it is full of optimistic healing energy.


Purple Candle(s)

A Green Plant

Sandalwood Essential Oil

Sandalwood Incense

A Jade Gemstone

A Jar of Water

On a Thursday as the moon waxes anoint your Purple candles with the Sandalwood essential oil. Sandalwood is perfect for spiritual practice and powerful for moon related rituals, it will also help carry your intentions out to the Universe.

Jade brings wealth, prosperity and extreme good luck. Place the Jade into the jar of water and then light your candle and burn your incense; meditate on what your hopes and dreams are as the smoke burns. Pour the water into the plant and bury the Jade in the soil and say:

“As this living thing expands, so shall the power of this magic space grow.”

As your plant grows and flourish so will your magic, hopes and dreams. Look to see what changes come into fruition under next month's Full Moon.

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