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Moons & Moods: Full Moon Crown Chakra Flow of Wisdom Ritual

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

Welcome to our first Full Moon ritual for our Moons & Moods series.

☾The Full Moon brings energy, abundance and gratitude. It’s the time of the lunar cycle where our manifestations and intentions come into fruition. It is also a great time for cleansing and letting go.

You will need:

  • A white candle

  • A piece of clear Quartz

  • Calming Yogi Peace Club incense

  • Lavender Essential Oil

  • Sandalwood Essential Oil

Clear quartz signifies wisdom and is particularly useful during a Full Moon. Be specific in your intentions when working with a clear quartz and it will absorb them fully. It is a crystal that can amplify intentions, counteract negative energy and find acceptance.

Our Crown Chakras are situated on the top of the head, this is the centre for truth, spirituality and enlightenment. Connecting with your crown chakra means connecting with the divine and the universe.

Perform this ritual on the night of the Full Moon to encourage the inward flow of wisdom and to enhance the gift of cosmic consciousness.

Anoint the candle with Sandalwood essential oil. Sandalwood is perfect for spiritual practice and powerful for moon related rituals, it will also help carry your intentions out to the Universe.

Light the candle and hold the crystal in your hand. Now try and relax and gaze into the flame for a few moments before closing your eyes. As you do so,

you want to try and visualise a shaft of pure light coming down from the heavens to reach your Crown Chakra, then radiating all around you and through you. Imagine a white light filling every part of your body from head to toe.

You can stay in this meditation state for as long as it feels good and natural to you.

Open your eyes and anoint the crystal with a drop of sandalwood and drop of lavender.

Lavender is used for its calming, relaxing and purifying properties.

Hold the crystal up in front of your eyes and say:

“With this crystal I am enlightened beneath the Full Moon tonight, and forever will be blessed with cosmic wisdom.”

Keep the crystal under your pillow for the Full Moon night, then put it in a safe place until you intend to boost your Crown Chakra again.

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