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Moons & Moods: New Moon Empowerment

The solar eclipse is a time to reflect, reset and re-evaluate your past, present and future. 🔮

☾The New Moon moon is a time for new beginnings and letting go of what once was and carving the way for new chapters. Use the energy to tie up loose ends, dump emotional baggage or bring closure to a difficult relationship.

You will need:

✨Pink candle

✨Obsidian Crystal

Light the candle on your altar, sit back and relax and hold your crystal between the palm of your hands.

Close your eyes. If you have never done a visualisation technique before, simply start by imagining something you truly love doing. See it happening in your mind, whether it's walking through the forest, singing in the rain or laughing with a friends.

Keep focusing on this image for a few minutes to put your mind into a kind of open state.

Once you are totally relaxed, rotate the crystal clockwise three times and begin the visualisation.

Imagine you are walking on the Moon. Imagine the craters, the dust, the endless black skies and glimpses of the Earth and the light of the Sun. You are alone, there is nothing else or no one else. Just emptiness. You place the crystal on the ground and look up to the stars. Far away you see a twinkling light coming closer to you.

As the light descends to the moon, the crystal begins to dazzle and burn a bright red flame of passion, burning away the past and revitalising the crystal with new energy. The light is absorbed totally by the crystal and you pick it up again and immediately feel the heat and the power.

Say aloud:

"Like the dark of the Moon, I have released all that is done and am ready to take all that is to come."

Open your eyes and focus for a few minutes on the crystal and the flame of the red candle. The visualisation is over, but it has enabled you to connect the past to the future and to see the closure means that open doors wait around the corner.

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