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Moons & Moods: Third Eye Chakra Ritual

Located in the centre of the brow, the Third Eye vibrates to the colours indigo and violet and is concerned with imagination & intuition.

This ritual will help you feel in tune with the universal energy and everything will feel as if it's meant to be as it is.

You will feel able to see the truth of any matter and understand what people are really thinking or feeling. This will restore strong imaginative and visualisation powers

☾ Perform this ritual as close to the Full Moon as possible to heighten all psychic ability.

You will need:

  • A piece of Amethyst - for spirituality, inner-strength & calming vibrations

  • Lavender essential oil - for psychic awareness, calming & healing

  • Incense - I'm using Frankincense but any will work. Frankincense for spiritual cleansing & protections

  • Purple candle

Light the candle and the incense and take a few deep breaths, bringing yourself back to present for a few moments.

With the lavender oil add a few drops to your right forefinger and anoint your third eye with the oil, as you do you want to picture a violet, white light emanating from your chakra and filling through your whole body.

Next dab another drop of oil onto your amethyst piece and hold it in your left hand. Repeat the following a few times until you start to feel the universal energy course through you.

"My Third Eye awakes and with it light,
My Third Eye brings me great insight."

Close your eyes for a moment and ground yourself. When you open your eyes focus your gaze on the candle flames for a few minutes and let you intuitive mind open up to the vibrational energy before you.

Carry the crystal with until the New Moon to bring foresight, self-belief and clarity.

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