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Moons & Moons: Waning Crescent Emotional cord-cutter

☾The Waning Crescent Moon is the time to declutter your outside world and inside world.

It might be your inbox, your fridge, things you are hoarding under your bed, or maybe it's feelings and emotional, harboured resentments or bad habits.

Use this time to say goodbye to whatever is holding you back and no longer serving you and cut the cords.

You will need:

  • 2 pieces of paper & a pen

  • pinch of rosemary

  • pinch of copal

  • piece of string

  • 1 black candle

Write your name on one of the pieces of paper or use photograph of yourself, roll it up and ties string around it.

On the other piece of paper write down what it is you wish to say goodbye to, roll it up and tie the other end of the string around it.

Blend the rosemary and copal and burn it on the charcoal. Hold the string over the smoke and cut it in the middle.

Burn the paper and string over the black candle, when you have the ashes remaining make sure to dispose of them away from your house.

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