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Scorpio Full Moon Spell

Under the light of the Scorpio Full Moon

I cast this spell, my intentions in tune

With the power of water, the depths of my soul

I summon transformation, making me whole

I release my fears, my doubts, and my pain

As I cut the cords that hold me in vain

I forgive myself and others too

Making space for love, and beginnings anew

I embrace my shadows, my power within

Letting go of patterns that no longer fit in

I trust in the journey, the cycles of life

As I navigate through the darkness and strife

With this candle, I ignite my desire

To rise from the ashes, a phoenix on fire

I claim my strength, my passion, my truth

As I embark on this path of endless growth

Scorpio Full Moon, hear my plea

Transform me, heal me, set me free

I am ready to face my deepest fears

And emerge victorious, shedding old tears

As I will it, so mote it be

The magic of the Moon, infused in me

I am transformed, empowered, and bold

A new chapter of my life now unfolds

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