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Moons & Moods: Waxing Gibbous Long-term Prosperity spell

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

Welcome to our 5th Moons & Moods ritual - Waxing Gibbous Long-term Prosperity spell

☾The Waxing Gibbous moon is a time of increased excitement and energy, a time to nurture hopes and dreams until they become visible in the full moon. Revisit your intentions and say them out loud to the moon. Call in what you've asked for.

♃This ritual will harness the power of the waxing moon and my beloved ancient rune symbols to bring prosperity into your life


7 tea light candles

7 smooth pebbles

A pen

A small box with a lid on it

Now if you already have a set of runes the ones you want to use today are;

Ansuz is the rune of Communication. It symbolises knowledge and inspiration. The literal translation of Ansuz is 'answer.' For this spell Ansuz will help attract the important influences for prosperity.

Hagalaz symbolises and literally translates to 'hail.' It is a powerful, active rune which encourages perseverance after sudden change. In this instance Hagalaz will activate the spell.

Jera is one of our Jazmine Magic runes and is the rune of Patience. It symbolises positive reward after a period of hardship. The literal translation of Jera is 'year.' For the spell today Jera will ensure that the prosperity comes to you.

Dagaz is another rune that we use in the Jazmine Magic Rune collection. The literal translation is 'day.' This rune brings with it transformation, awakening and the dawn of a new day. For the ritual here it will bring the financial help.

Wunjo literally translates to 'joy.' This rune is super positive, it represents a blissful almost childlike type of joy. Wunjo indicates that you will experience happiness if you work for it. For this spell Wunjo will ensure the results of our spell will be positive.

Inguz literally translates to 'seed'. Inguz represents new beginnings, personal growth and development. For this spell Inguz will help bring in the prosperity and abundance we are asking for.

Mannaz literally translate to 'man' - our relationship with yourself and others. It is a great rune to use for communicating and so for this ritual it will communicate our needs to the universe

If you don't have runes, all you have to do is find 7 stones and draw the symbols shown above onto the stones.

Start by lighting some incense or sage and cleansing your space. This is a perfect way to start any practice or ritual.

You the want to light your candles and place your rings down facing away from each other. The gold ring is representative of the sun and the silver of the moon. Ideally place them down with gold facing the East and the silver facing the West.

As you place each rune down next to a candle you say:

Each rune I place for good fortune find,
For my own self and others kind,
This symbol brings me wealth indeed,
Each one enough to fill my needs,
Thank you, Moon, for empowering me
With your blessed light, so mote it be. '

Take up the two rings one at a time. In turn, rotate each one clockwise between your fingers four times. As you do so, say:

"I have charisma and self-belief & the moon will light my pathway."

Place the rings under your pillow overnight to reinforce the empowerment. Fold up the piece of paper and place it in a sacred or cherished place for the rest of this moon cycle, until you are radiating charisma.

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