You are Earth.

Earth is the potential. It is transformation. Stable and reliable, yet constantly working and moving. You align with this, grounded in your own reality. Earth is symbolic of stability, groundedness, creativity, nourishment, dependability, intuition, introspection and wisdom. You stand firm in your convictions.


Earth signs in the zodiac are Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn but we invite you to channel the grounding energy of the Earth element, no matter what your sign is. 

    Gold Earth Element Ring Pre-Order

    • The Earth Element ring is Sterling Silver (925). The Gold plating is Sterling Silver (925) with 3 microns 24k Gold plating. For maximum longevity we advise to keep the ring out of the elements and refrain from wearing it under water.

       Storing the jewels in their original packaging box will help protect it. 

      • Ring Pendant is 7x7mm
      • Available in Sterling Silver, Gold plated Sterling Silver
      • Rings come in sizes 6, 7 & 8
      • Our Earth ring is reversible and can also be worn to symbolise Air

      All jewels are handmade with positive intentions and magic.