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Mars is our raw warrior energy, our passions and desires. It is our wrath, our instinctive side.  Mars represents our inner determination and masculine force of our nature.

In the world of love and romance, Mars rules over our sexual energy and desire. While Venus controls romantic attraction, Mars rules the basic physical attraction and chemistry.

Mars is the planetary ruler of Aries known for its productive action and competitive nature. Harnessing this planet's energy properly will propel you into action with conviction and confidence.

    Mars Necklace

    Expected to ship by end of February 2024
    • The Mars Planet necklace is Sterling Silver (925). The Gold plating is Sterling Silver (925) with 3 microns 24k Gold plating. The stone is Carnelian.

      • Length: adjustable 18 to 20 inches
      • Planet pendant 15mmx10mm. Pendant has a textured finish on the front and back with 'incite magic' inscribed
      • The gemstone on the front is sustainably sourced
      • Available in Sterling Silver, Gold plated Sterling Silver

      All jewels are handmade with positive intentions and magic. 

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