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Introducing The Creatrix Coven by Jazmine Magick: A Sacred Space for Magic, Community, and Transformation

Are you seeking a deeper connection with the rhythms of nature, the wisdom of the moon, and the power within yourself? The Creatrix Coven offers a sanctuary where you can reconnect with ancient rhythms and discover the magic that lies within you.


Monthly Moon Circles: Each month, we gather under the new and full moons to set intentions, release what no longer serves us, and embrace the transformative energy of the lunar cycle. Our moon circles are a time for reflection, healing, and growth, guided by meditation, ritual, and the shared wisdom of our community. Whether you're seeking to manifest your deepest desires or simply find a moment of peace and clarity, our moon circles provide a supportive space for your journey.


Wheel of the Year Celebrations: As the seasons change, so too do we. The Creatrix Coven honours the eight sabbats that mark the turning of the wheel, from the solstices and equinoxes to the fire festivals of Beltane and Samhain. Through ceremony, crafting, and storytelling, we explore the themes of each sabbat and weave them into our own personal journeys. From the renewal of spring to the introspection of winter, our wheel of the year celebrations help us align with the natural cycles of the earth and find meaning in the ever-changing seasons of our lives.


Circle dates for the rest of the year: 


Friday 24th May | Full Moon Circle


Friday 7 June | New Moon Circle


Friday 21 June | Winter Solstice & Full Moon 


Saturday 6 July | New Moon


Sunday  21 July  | Full Moon


Friday 2 August | Imbolc & New Moon


Tuesday 20 August | Full Moon


Tuesday 3 September  | New Moon


Friday 20 September  | Full Moon & Spring Equinox


Friday 4 October | New Moon


Friday 18 October | Full Moon


Friday 1 November | New Moon & Beltane


Saturday 16 November | Full Moon


Sunday 1 December | New Moon


Sunday 15 December | Full Moon


Saturday 21 December | Summer Solstice


The Creatrix Coven - Online Moon & Sabbat Circles

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