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Moons & Moods: Waxing Crescent Self-belief spell

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

Welcome to our 4th Moons & Moods ritual - Waxing Crescent Self-belief spell.

☾The Waxing Crescent moon is a time to commit to what you can achieve. As the moons light grows so does your determination to meet your goals, let your intuition guide you and do not be deterred by challenges.

Refocus on calling in your intentions and what you manifested in the new moon.

♃This ritual will bring empowerment, wisdom and restore self-belief


Incense (my preference is Sandalwood)

A Gold Ring

A Silver Ring

A Piece of paper and pen

Start by lighting your incense and altar candles and place your rings down facing away from each other. The gold ring is representative of the sun and the silver of the moon. Ideally place them down with gold facing the west and the silver facing the east.

On your piece of paper, write the following:

'If I restore self-belief, I restore self-love;
If I restore self-love, I restore the love of others;
If I restore the love of others, I restore a sense of belonging;
If I restore a sense of belonging, I have self-belief.'

Take up the two rings one at a time. In turn, rotate each one clockwise between your fingers four times. As you do so, say:

"I have charisma and self-belief & the moon will light my pathway."

Place the rings under your pillow overnight to reinforce the empowerment. Fold up the piece of paper and place it in a sacred or cherished place for the rest of this moon cycle, until you are radiating charisma.

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