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Moons & Moods: Waning Crescent Energy Clearing Ritual

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

Welcome to our 3rd Moons & Moods ritual - Waning Crescent Energy Clearing Ritual

☾The Waning Crescent moon is a time of releasing, renewing, resetting. As we approach the New Moon, now is a good time to think upon your intentions for the lunar cycle ahead.


Cauldron or Fireproof pot

Mortar & Pestle

Charcoal Disc


Copal Resin




Sometimes all we need is a little lift, the energy we carry internally can sometimes feel stuck or stagnant. We also feel this in our spaces that we work and live in. To cleanse and clear the negative energy in our homes is vital for resetting and starting anew. It's amazing how it can make you feel instantly lighter!

Start by opening all your doors and windows, try and do this at least once a week to let clean, positive air flow through your home.

Frankincense & Myrrh are used for spirituality, protection and healing.

Copal Resin is also used for spiritual cleansing and clearing and our trusty Sandalwood is perfect for moon related magic.

You want to use 3 parts Copal Resin, 3 parts Frankincense, 1 part Sandalwood and 1 part Myrrh and add them to your mortar & pestle. Grind all of the ingredients in a clockwise direction until they become a fine powder.

Now you pick up your charcoal disc with your tongs and hold it over you candle until the disc starts spitting and glows red around the edges. As always, be careful when working with fire. Make sure it's at a safe distance away from your body or any loose clothing.

Once the disc is hot you drop it into your cauldron or fireproof pot and start adding your powdered incense on top of it. This will start to smoke and as it does you can picture your space being cleared of any negativity. As the smoke disappears out of the windows so will the stagnant energy.

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