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Steeped in ancient magic and elemental power, wearing this jewellery will encourage you to take a leap of faith and stir up that magic within. 
Inspired by our beautiful planet Mother Earth, for every purchase made we will plant a tree.
The Jazmine Magic jewels are created using sustainably sourced sterling silver, gold plating and gemstones.

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The Rune Collection


Wearing Dagaz will help you feel more positive, aware and energised, ready for better things to come.

 Tap into your inner strength to be happier & self-aware. 


Wearing Sowilo will strengthen the chakras and psychic centres. It is a rune of guidance, goal setting and success. Sowilo's energy and warmth encourages drive, prosperity and power.


Wearing Inguz will bring personal development, expansive growth and creativity into your life. It connects all of your inner pieces and makes you feel whole once more.


Wearing Jera will help transform your dreams into reality, if you’ve been through a period of hardship or know someone that has, Jera will move you into a more positive, patient and peaceful place.


Wearing Eihwaz can help strip away the worn-out pieces within you, so that strong new growth may occur. If you need intuition, strength and big changes in your life, Eihwaz will help get you there. 

Discover your inner Modern Mystic with our new Elemental range.

She is Air

The power of love is under a bird's wing

it carries flower pollination for spring

it carries a harmony that makes the caves sing

our stream of consciousness

travels from day into night

new beginnings are always in constant flight

She is Water

May the water of my soul be in eternal ebb and flow

connecting deep into my heart

the secrets of the stone

carving the path with healing alone

dreams of devotion reveal themselves

as the stones of deception erode

how can an element so soft

carve pathways from rock

The Elemental Collection