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Jazmine Magic

Jazmine Magic is grounded in the core elements, drawing strength from the universe to create ancient-inspired jewellery with modern shapes. Empowering women to embrace their femininity through beautiful rituals, community, and craftsmanship. Beautifully light, quietly confident, and powerfully feminine.



This Rune symbolises the need to simply begin, by clearing away the irrelevant to find the beautiful and necessary. Adorning yourself with Dagaz assists like an act of awakening to help you frame the next chapter. Often that courageous step is intuitively known and is much closer than we could ever imagine.


This Rune symbolises the courage needed to look in a more interior direction. Adorning yourself in Sowilo restores hope and strengthens the fire you already possess. Asserting your will towards what you desire and not what is too small for you.


This Rune symbolises the moving edge between sacrificing old dreams to plant the seeds of more authentic ones. Adorning yourself with Inguz restores the rhythm needed for your dreams to attend their call of beauty.





This Rune symbolises the need to surrender to the hues and harmonies of the natural cyclical process. Adorning yourself in Jera brings peace and reminds you that beauty can be found in the mundane, that light proceeds darkness and that effort beckons reward.

Look back to see how far you have come.


This Rune symbolises the Yew Tree which remains strong throughout the storms of life. Adorning yourself in Eihwaz supports you to make peace with the past by understanding what keeps you there. The story is now greater than before, the doors of transformation have opened.